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Growy Business
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Current issues of modern business:
Are you familiar with this?
  • №1 - Low efficiency

    80% of employees and 76% of entrepreneurs procrastinate for 1 to 4 hours each day.

  • №2 - High costs

    37.5% of the payroll costs - annual losses due to low employee efficiency.

  • №3 - High employee turnover

    More than 60% of sales managers are likely to leave their job if their manager is a poor coach.

Coaching – the benefit of business
The research revealed that employees who have received coaching experience exhibit the following indicators:
  • №1 - More sales

    • Deal closures have increased by 17%

    • Missed deals have decreased by 63%

    • Changes in closing dates have reduced by 25%

  • №2 - Improvement in customer service quality

    • Customer service improvement by 39%

    • Reduction in customer complaints by 34%

  • №3 - Employee retention and development

    • Teamwork has improved - reported by 67% of managers

    • Job satisfaction has increased by 61%

Increase in company profitability by 22%

Sources: Brainshark, (Kevin Micalizzi, Tim Hagan), Monte Wyatt The research involved companies from the FORTUNE 1000 list.

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AI coaching system

Growy Business

This is a unique modern tool for enhancing the efficiency, sales, and other key performance indicators of your company's employees.

It is a scalable and accessible solution for businesses of any size, accommodating any number of employees.

Functions and advantages of Growy Business include:
Personal AI coach for your employees
Saves up to 75% of managers' time in goal planning and implementation. Managers can handle more employees and work more efficiently, directly impacting sales growth and company development.
Step-by-step plan with deadlines for goal achievement
Increase up to 700% in the likelihood of successful achievement
Daily micro-coaching
To maintain a productive state and efficiency. Employees procrastinate less and earn more.
Notifications to the manager for each completed task by an employee
Cases of miscommunication, mismatched expectations, and discrepancies between expected and achieved results strive towards 0%. Less wasted company resources and employee demotivation lead to higher profitability
Ability to respond to completed tasks
Satisfies employees' need for attention from the manager and increases loyalty and engagement. Reducing employee turnover leads to greater benefits
Weekly summaries (a concise report summarizing the employee's work progress) provided to the manager
Saves time in preparing for meetings with subordinates
Ability to work on personal goals (confidentially)
For the harmonious development of employees and maintaining a work-life balance. Happy employees contribute to the growth of the company.
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About Growy Me Company
Growy Me Ltd. UK is an international company developing AI-coaching systems.

For more than 3 years of the company's existence, our products have been used by several thousand users from 18 countries of the world.

We believe that with our joint efforts we will be able to make effective coaching methods available to every person and company.

Основатели Growy Me

  • Vyacheslav Kan

    Founder of the most popular trading platform ( Founder of MyWay career guidance and development center. Founder of the Korean business club "Koryoin". Public figure.
  • Nadezhda Ni
    CEO of Growy Me. Formerly an International government translator. Decades of experience in building effective client-agency networks.
  • Timur Azamatov
    It-entrepreneur with 15 years of experience. Co-founder of the most popular robotics school in RoboKidz, Nest School for Young Entrepreneurs. Former head of the MUIC Innovation Center
  • Arthur Park-Vartanyan
    International coach, business trainer in public speaking skills and personal effectiveness development. It-entrepreneur. Consultant on the formation of the company's business ideology.

• Business Coaching - Average cost $115 per hour

• Career Coaching - Average cost $150 per hour

• C-Level Management Coaching - Average cost $425 per hour

Business Coaching Market in US - $14 billion


AI coaching system tariff
Growy Business
Optimum selection - available 24/7
Business 1 month
for 5 employees
  • System updates
  • Technical support
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Business 3 months
for 5 employees
  • System updates
  • Technical support
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Business 12 months
for 5 employees
  • (!) 20% discount
  • System updates
  • Technical support
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Fortune 500 companies have shown a 529% ROI in utilizing coaching systems

Source: Monte Wyatt participated companies from the FORTUNE 1000 list

AI coaching system
Growy Business
Let's make the opportunity for effective development available to every person and company in the world!
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