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Current problems of modern managers:
Does this sound familiar to you?
  • #1 - Low employee effectiveness

    80% of employees procrastinate (inaction) for 1 to 4 hours every day.

    37.5% of the payroll costs result in annual losses due to low employee effectiveness.

  • #2 - Manager's burnout

    Overexertion from excessive communication with employees.

  • #3 - Lack of time

    Supporting subordinates consumes a lot of time:

    • To work on goals with employees.
    • To solve employee problems.
    • To create and review reports.
    • For meetings, answering questions.

Sources: Brainshark, Kevin Mikalizzi, Tim Hagan. Companies from the FORTUNE 1000 list participated, according to Monte Wyatt

Consequences of non-delegation:
  • Overburdened current tasks for the manager
    Unable to dedicate time to the company's strategic goals

  • Employees and the manager themselves do not develop
    Motivation declines.
    Employee turnover increases.
  • Tasks are not completed
    on time
    Dissatisfied internal and/or external customers emerge
Free up your time and energy
to develop your company with
Growy Business
Benefits of delegation with Growy Business
  • #1 - You can accomplish more work and meet deadlines more easily, increasing company sales and income
  • #2 - You can better control work through the distribution of specific tasks
  • #3 - You can better evaluate the work performance of your team members
  • #4 - You can more fairly distribute the workload among team members
  • #5 - Your subordinates will see you as a manager who develops them, reducing turnover and the need for new training
  • #6 - You can use the freed-up time for strategic development, learning, or further education
Anywhere and anytime
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Growy Business
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Growy Business

This is a unique modern tool that incorporates management techniques, psychology, and AI.

Growy Business helps automate the task delegation process to employees, freeing up time and energy for the leader to focus on company development.

A scalable and affordable solution for businesses of any size.

Features and benefits of Growy Business
Personal AI coach for your employees
Saves up to 75% of leaders' time on goal planning. Leaders can manage more employees more efficiently, which directly impacts sales growth and company development.
Step-by-step plan with deadlines for goal achievement
Up to a 700% increase in the likelihood of successful achievement.
Daily micro-coaching
To maintain a productive state and effectiveness. Employees procrastinate less and earn more.
Notifications to the manager for every completed task by an employee
Instances of miscommunication, unmet expectations, and mismatched results tend to approach 0%. Less wasted company resources and employee demotivation - more profit.
Ability to react to completed tasks
Satisfies the employees' need for the manager's attention and increases loyalty and engagement. Reduced staff turnover - more benefits.
Weekly summaries (a digest in the form of a report to the manager about the employee's work)
Saves time in preparing for meetings with subordinates.
Ability to work on personal goals (confidentially)
For the harmonious development of employees and maintaining work-life balance. Happy employees lead to a growing company.
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Company Partners
  • VISA
    Growy Me is a partner with the international company VISA within the privileges project for premium cardholders.
  • UzVC
    Growy Me is a participant in the acceleration program of the venture fund UzVC.
About Growy Me
Growy Me Ltd. UK is an international company that develops AI systems for managers and their subordinates, as well as personal development systems.

Over more than 3 years of existence, our products have been used by several thousand users from 18 countries around the world.

We believe that by working together, we can make effective development methodologies accessible to every individual and company.

Founders of Growy Me

  • Vyacheslav Kan

    Founder of the most popular trading platform ( Founder of the MyWay career guidance and development center. Founder of the Korean Business Club "Koryoin." Social activist.
  • Nadezhda Ni
    CEO of Growy Me. Former international government translator. A decade of experience in building efficient client-agent networks.
  • Timur Azamatov
    IT entrepreneur with 15 years of experience. Co-founder of the most popular robotics school "RoboKidz," the "Nest" School for Young Entrepreneurs. Former head of the MUIC Innovation Center.
  • Arthur Pak-Vartanyan
    International coach, business trainer in public speaking skills and personal development. IT entrepreneur. Consultant on shaping a company's business ideology.
Pricing for the Delegation AI System
Growy Business
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Business 3 months
for 5 employees
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Business 12 months
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Growy Business
"To help leaders free up their time and energy so they can more easily develop their companies"